Our Philosophy

Knottology is the study of knots and here at Knottology we will consistently work hard to deliver the highest quality paracord products on the market with our patent pending expedition series clasps. We pride ourselves in educating our consumers with various knot sequences and the applications in which each knot is used.  Knottology, more than just rope. 

Our Passion

The knottology logo is based on the trefoil knot. The trefoil can be obtained by joining together the two loose ends of a common overhand knot, resulting in a knotted loop. As the simplest knot, the trefoil is fundamental to the study of mathematical knot theory, which has diverse applications in topology, geometry, physics, and chemistry. This fascinating knot goes deep into endlessness.  This knot is the inspiration of Knottology. 

Our Vision

At Knottology we deliver products that are tested to stand by your side while exploring the fascinating geology of this planet. Our  Expedition Series Clasps are designed to save your life when essential survival tools may be needed. Partner this with the popular 550 paracord bracelets and you have a true survival bracelet that any outdoor enthusiast will appreciate. 

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